terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

Anna Scholz Spring 2014 White Label Collection Favs

Hey sweeties,

A designer Anna Scholz, que adoro de paixão, é talvez uma das que melhor entende o conceito do que é ser uma mulher com curvas e o quais as roupas que a favorece mais.
E esta colecção é mais um exemplo disso! Mostrei-vos os meus looks favoritos mas podem ver toda a colecção aqui.


The designer Anna Scholz, who I truly love, is probably one of the best who understands what being a curvy woman means and what clothes suit her best.
And this collection is just another example of it! I've showed my favorite looks but you may check the entire collection here.

2 comentários:

Stage Your Presence disse...

The dress with the cape is amazing. I would love that although I think I would keep finding reasons to twirl around or wave my hands about so it moved and I would look a little crazy. It would be totally worth it.

Mariett Teixeira Matias disse...

It is isn't it?
And there's in black too! I think it would look gorgeous on us! :)

Mary ;)*