quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Outside My Comfort Zone - Challenge #25

Hey babes,

O tema de hoje foi escolhido pela maravilhosa Nikki e não podia ser mais do mais agrado: acessórios. Ora há coisa que eu mais goste do que acessórios?
Ora ultimamente o acessório que mais me caracteriza são os maxi colares. Tornaram-se um pouco uma obsessão e comprei alguns e por isso o look de hoje tinha que ter um maxi colar como principal figura.


Today's theme was chosen by the amazing Nikki and it couldn't be more suitable for me: acessories. Well is there anything I enjoy the most?
Well lately the acessorie that I may say it's my main characteristic is statement necklaces. It became a bit of an obssesion that I bought several at a time and of course that today's look had to have a statement necklace as main feature. 

 (love the air effect lol)


Some of my other necklaces

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4 comentários:

Steph C disse...

you always have the most amazing accessories x

Just me Leah disse...

I LOVE that blouse and the necklace is awesome. Super stylish as ever!

Mariett Teixeira Matias disse...

Thank you girls!! :)*

Nikki Sumner disse...

I love your necklace you always find the best things and look amazing xx