quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013

Outside My Comfort Zone - Challenge #3


Já se devem ter apercebido que participo num desafio, em conjunto com outras dez bloggers plus size, cujo mote principal é sair da nossa zone de conforto e à medida que os desafios aparecem a dificuldade para mim tem aumentado! :)
O de hoje intitula-se "pink on top" e tem como obrigatoriedade o uso de leggings/collants, riscas e rosa choque.
Ora se os dois primeiros items até foram facilmente ultrapassados e conjugados quando cheguei ao rosa choque fiquei sem saber o que usar pois no meu roupeiro não tenho nada nesta cor.
Mas nada é impossível e por isso mostro-vos o look que compus num casual chic perfeito para um dia normal de trabalho: leggings pretas, camisa preta, blazer às riscas e uma echarpe rosa choque (e também unhas e relógio ah ah ah).
O que acham?

As you may see by now I participate in a biweekly challenge with other 10 fellow plus size bloggers with the main goal of getting out of our comfort zone. And for me each challenge has been more difficult than the last one! :)
Today's mojo is "pink on top" and it is obligatory to wear leggings/tights, stripes and bright pink.
Well if the first two items were easily passed by when it comes to bright pink I have nothing of this color in my closet.
Well but nothing is impossible and so I show you the look I put on in a casual chic style perfect for an ordinary day at work: black leggings, black jersey, striped blazer and a bright pink scarf (also nail polish and the watch ah ah ah).
What do you think?

Blazer - Forever 21
Shirt & Leggings - H&M
Boots - Seaside
Scarf - Mum
Watch - Elleta

Vejam os looks das outras bloggers também!! / Take a look at the others bloggers looks too!

Mary ;)*

10 comentários:

Becky Brown disse...

That blazer and those boots are fierce!

Mariett Teixeira Matias disse...

And so comfy!! :)

Thanks dear!! ;)


Mel Bee disse...

You look so fab and bright, this is infectious. <3 xoxo

Mariett Teixeira Matias disse...

Do you think so?
On this one I wasn't so sure of myself!

<3 X

Just me, Leah disse...

You look amazing! I love the jacket! x x

Emma Millard disse...

Baaaada Boooom Baaaaada Bing!!! Looking awesome. The whole outfit looks fantastic... I now want a striped jacket!!! xxx

Mariett Teixeira Matias disse...

Thank you dears!!
I really advice you to buy this jacket because it's really comfy and it suits quite well!! (and no I'm not sponsored by F21 lol)

X <3

Rachel P disse...

This boots! You lucky chick! :) Loving this fierce outfit!!!! So cute!

A dress is for life disse...

love the blazer and the pop of colour from the scarf xx

Mariett Teixeira Matias disse...

Thank so much dears!!;) X